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Edmond Horton became a monthly donor to Southeast Youth and Family Services during the pandemic. He wanted to support an organization working directly with vulnerable youth and families. Our focus on mental health, helping families find stability, and combating systemic inequalities spoke to him.

“We’ve basically been limping through time as a society, not dealing with a number of problems that all start with mental health. Whether it’s anxiety or depression, poor mental health can turn into a tidal wave of problems down the line. And that can take a devastating toll on families.”

Edmond grew up in Southeast Seattle. And like the rising tide that lifts all boats, he believes that showing up for people in need pays off with a stronger community for everyone.

“I truly believe that if people on the bottom rung of the societal ladder are doing better, eventually we all do better.”

Month by month, Edmond’s gifts provide a steady stream of support that helps us can plan, prioritize, and respond to emerging needs in our community.

“It’s basically sacrificing a couple extra cups of coffee or eating at home instead of going out a couple times a month.”

During this final week of 2021, we’re sharing some of our favorite stories of the year, like this article, which first ran in our July 2021 e-newsletter.

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Make a difference today and every day by joining Edmond in our growing community of monthly donors.

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