What We Do

Our mission is to assist children, youth and families in achieving safe, self-sufficient, and stable lives.
Founded in 1974 by leaders of the local Black community, Southeast Youth and Family Services provides comprehensive early learning and mental health services that are based on the needs and strengths of children, youth and families. We are a licensed mental health center and provide skilled, evidence-based, best-practice mental health treatment and prevention services.
Through extensive outreach, we go to schools, homes, community centers, hospitals, juvenile detention, and other locations to engage with youth and families and make our services accessible to those in greatest need. Our staff are advocates who are dedicated to helping youth and families overcome oppression and institutionalized racism, discrimination, inequality, and other traumas.
The majority of our clients are people of color, most of them low-income, living in Southeast Seattle, one of the few areas of the city where non-white residents were able to rent or buy property during the era of real estate red-lining. Today, gentrification and rising housing costs are displacing many youth and families in this historically diverse community. As a growing number of our clients move farther away, we are expanding our outreach and services to continue supporting those in greatest need.

How We Help

  • Proactive community outreach to identify youth and families in need
  • Early learning support for children, parents, and childcare providers
  • Mental health services for youth, adults, couples, and families
  • Counseling tailored to immigrants and refugees
  • Social and life skill-building classes
Learn more about our early learning and mental health services.

SEYFS Leadership

“Family is my big thing. Your role and your identity in your family, the structure of your family, the wholeness of your family — all of those things are really important in the development of children.”

Anthony Austin, Executive Director

Board of Directors

  • Lance Randall, President
  • Arlene Hampton, Vice President
  • Eddie B. Hill
  • Dr. John German
  • Dr. James Carter
  • Molly Laster
  • Charlett Shoecraft
  • Krishnan Menon
  • Eli Weiss
  • Alena Ciecko

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