Youth, Family & Community Engagement Facilitator

Mental Health and Counseling Programs, Immigrant and Refugee Services

Reports to:  Clinical Director

Position classification:  Full-time Exempt

Basic function:  Engagement of youth, families and communities in mental health related activities and services by:  Collaborating with East African community organizations to destigmatize mental health issues and concerns; and developing and delivering family workshops and dinners to promote connection between youth and parents, and assist in relational skill building.



Engagement Services:  Approach youth, families and community organizations in a collaborative manner, which values their “voice”.  Work to destigmatize mental health issues and services. Respond effectively to client needs, by providing appropriate engagement and referral. Develop and facilitate family workshops and dinners to strengthen relationships and increase skills.

Record Keeping: Maintain accurate and complete client and program records, in accordance with agency policies and procedures and funders guidelines, to facilitate service. Complete demographic forms, service notes, and billing forms in a timely manner. Record and compile results of community discussions.

Outreach: Provides outreach, and engagement as needed, such as onsite engagement at schools, homes, and community based locations, such as churches and community centers. Works with clinical director and website consultant to revise agency website, social media and other outreach materials based on community input.  Integrates relevant community “voice” into agency outreach materials.

Cultural Competence: Provide culturally competent services that emphasize and utilize the youth, families and communities’ strengths and values.

Resource Development: Develop and maintains effective relationships with relevant community resources (e.g. schools, health providers, churches, etc.) in order to facilitate appropriate referrals, and shares resource information with other team members.

Professional Standards: Follow the policies and procedures of the agency, city, county, and state, and federal regulations.

Professional Development:  Demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning by seeking out professional development and ongoing training opportunities.

Teamwork: Actively participate in staff meetings, consultation, and special projects, Resolves conflicts in a productive manner using agency processes.

Supervision: Prepares for supervisory sessions. Receives feedback non-defensively and learns from challenges.

HIPPA: Employees covered by this job description, due to their job duties have been granted permission and access to view, alter, retrieve and store ePHI, when working with clients, documenting in their records or with proper permissions and release of information when working with other providers.




Collaboration: Pitch in to group efforts; works well with different types of people; contributes and shares expertise to achieve desired result.  Communicate clearly and effectively to enhance team effectiveness. Demonstrate respect for others’ opinions. Help and support peers in their work to contribute to agency success.  Keep people informed and up-to-date. Share information and expertise with others to enable them to accomplish group goals.

Cultural Competence:  Actively participate in the process of becoming aware of one’s assumptions about human behavior, values, preconceived notions and personal limitations.  Attempt to understand the world-view of culturally diverse populations.  Develops the necessary skills to practice appropriate, relevant and sensitive strategies for working with a culturally diverse population.

HIPAA:  Maintain knowledge of general HIPAA security and privacy rules and policies by attending annual training, complying with agency policies and protocols and applicable regulations related to client, employee, donor and operational information.

Flexibility:  Quickly and effectively adjust behavior to meet changing circumstances.

Learning Agility: Learn quickly when facing new problems.  A relentless and versatile learner with a strong sense of curiosity.  Open to constructive feedback, new ideas and change. Analyze successes and failures for clues to improvement.

Responsiveness:   Quickly respond to requests, ideas and suggestions in a non-defensive manner, taking appropriate action that facilitates cooperation and trust. 

Listening: Practice attentive, active and empathetic listening while demonstrating the patience to hear people out.

Questioning:  Ask relevant clarifying questions in a respectful manner to facilitate communication and get to the heart of the matter.

Interpersonal Savvy:  Understand others’ feelings and perspectives.  Pay attention to emotional cues and shows sensitivity to diverse customers and stakeholders. Actively anticipate and recognizes customer needs.

Resilience: Maintain composure under pressure and still performs well; display and emotional sturdiness in dealing with difficult situations that facilitates customer service and collaboration.  Demonstrate ability to deal effectively with ambiguity and stress. Has a high tolerance for change and the unexpected.

Self-Starter: Have a bias for action. Don’t wait to do what needs to get done; pitch in and help the team without having to be asked.  Avoid deer-in-the-headlights syndrome.

Communication: Effectively use oral, written and non-verbal communication to deliver messages that achieve intended results. Use different communication styles in response to different situations. Listen carefully to other people and checks for understanding.

Attention to Detail: Pay close attention to detail, pointing out things that other people may pass over.  Concerned with the implications of the smaller details of a project or course of action.

Computer Aptitude and Data Entry: Skilled and knowledgeable at core PC operations such as operating systems and Microsoft Office software. Enters data accurately into spreadsheets and databases.

Accuracy: Enters data and carefully reviews figures, computations and reports to ensure accuracy and consistency. Demonstrates strong attention to detail.

Initiative: Initiates improvements and fixes without having to be told to do so.  Responds quickly and effectively when issues arise. Energized by a challenge.  

Customer Service: Create a warm, welcoming and respectful environment for clients and visitors. Respond to client needs with sensitivity and attentiveness. Go the extra mile to meet client needs within program policy limitations.

Discretion: Demonstrate the ability to preserve confidential and sensitive information. Evoke trust during confidential conversations. Refrain from engaging in rumors.

Organization, Time Management Skills and Multitasking:  Maintain an orderly working space that facilitates efficiency.  Can Manage a significant number of tasks and competing demands in an effective manner. Manage time so that priorities are respected.

Self-Awareness: Know personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and limits. Seek feedback and gains insight from mistakes. Is open to criticism without getting defensive. Have a positive and constructive sense of humor; can laugh at himself or herself. Know your limits and achieve work-life balance.



  • Commitment to Southeast Youth and Family Services Mission, Guiding Principles, Tenets and Performance Standards.
  • Acceptance of a variety of lifestyles, cultural and spiritual practices.
  • Ability to exercise discretion and maintain client and employee confidentiality.
  • Ability to interpret and follow oral and written instructions.
  • Computer literacy and the ability to sit at a desk and/or computer for extended periods of time and perform paperwork and computer tasks.
  • Knowledge and understanding of family centered practice principles.
  • Effective verbal and written communication.
  • Ability to pass Washington State Patrol Criminal History Check.
  • Negative result on TB tine test.
  • Maintains all necessary credentials/licensure required for specific position.
  • Excellent computer skills, and knowledge of and/or experience with various software, including Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel.
  • Good typing, faxing, copying, and telephone skills.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Maintains appropriate professional boundaries with clients, families, peers, supervisor and community resources.
  • Ability to work as a team player, plan work and perform a variety of tasks under sensitive deadlines.



Master’s degree in social services related field and one year of related experience, or Bachelor’s degree with equivalent lived experience.


  • Understanding of one or more East African cultural groups, such as: Ethiopian, Tigray, and Somali.
  • Fluency speaking, reading and writing in English and in one or more East African languages such as: Somali, Oromo, Amharic, or Tigrinya.
  • Experience and demonstrated ability to successfully work within a diverse cultural setting and provide culturally competent services to diverse populations, specifically at risk youth and families.
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively as a team member.
  • Ability to work some evening hours as needed to meet client need.
  • Motivated to address conflict in ways which are direct and supportive, giving others the benefit of the doubt.
  • Articulate and able to represent the agency in a professional manner.
  • Flexible and able to manage changes to documentation requirements.
  • Valid Washington State driver’s license, insurance and personal transportation.



  • Clinical skills, including knowledge and ability in assessment, therapy, case management, advocacy, referral, and crisis intervention.
  • Experience working with other systems in the community that serve children and families.



  • Attendance: Regular and predictable attendance is a requirement of this job.
  • Communicating: This position involves expressing or exchanging ideas through verbal means (oral and electronic) to convey detailed or important information to clients and co-workers.  Must be able to exchange accurate information in high-stress situations.
  • Environmental: The person in this position will initially work remotely with clients during COVID restrictions. The position is planned to shift to work in various environments, including a standard office environment, school offices, client homes, and community meeting places.
  • Schedule: Ability to flex schedule as needed to meet client needs, including possible evening work or early morning work.
  • Movement in the Workplace: The person in this position needs to occasionally move about inside the office to access file cabinets, office machinery, etc.
  • Repetitive Motion: The position generally requires substantial movements of the wrists, hands and/or fingers, as in keyboard use or other means of silently recording information.
  • Thinking: The position requires a person who can reason and apply logic and knowledge of service options in an environment requiring attention to multiple needs and perspectives.
  • Understanding Writing: The position requires extended periods of reading or otherwise comprehending physical documents or documents on a computer screen.


Note: Position descriptions do not represent limits on what an employee may be required to do to assist SEYFS in achieving its objectives. The above statements are intended to describe the key aspects of the work performed by an individual in this position. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive listing of all requirements relative to the position. Employees should expect to perform some tasks that are outside the scope of the job description. We expect all employees to support and act in a manner consistent with SEYFS’s values.



Position is located at the SEYFS building with travel to schools, client homes and other community settings. Position is currently primarily working remotely during COVID restrictions.


$41,600-$54,080 depending on experience, plus benefits.


Full-time, Monday-Friday

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Clinical Director Mary Malhoit.

Posted February 22, 2021

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